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Pokoje od 30 zł w Hostelu Trzy Kolory w centrum Wrocławia

Pokoje już od 30 zł! ZAREZERWUJ


Price list

Accommodation prices are decreasing with every passing day

The longer you stay with us, the lower are the costs we incur, and because we save our money, our guests can save their too 🙂

price per person per day
1 day14€13€13€
2 days14€12€12€
3 days13€11€11€
4 days12€9€9€
5 days12€9€9€
6 days11€9€8€
7 days11€8€8€
14 days9€8€8€
↑those prices do not include VAT tax; for accomodation shorter than 30 days, 8% of VAT tax should be added↑
more than 30 days (VAT tax free)170€190€150€
this price is valid only for continous stay, we do not count down weekends

We provide net prices, for stays shorter than 30 days should be added 8% VAT tax
Prices valid only in the continuity of residence (not deduct weekends)

The hotel night begins at 1PM and ends at 10AM the next day
The stay is considered complete after receipt of the apartment and returning the keys.
On arrival we charge a deposit for the apartment, which is returned after the end of the stay.
Upon agreement with the reception staff, you can extend your stay for an additional fee:
up to 4 hours – 50% of the daily rate
above 4 hours – 100% of the daily rate.
Charging fee is not equal to extending reservation for another day. No information about extending your stay does not exempt from paying the fee.
We reserve us the right to change prices.

Payments can be made by wire transfer or in cash
Please transfer funds to:
ING Bank Śląski SA: 75 1050 1575 1000 0090 7403 9935
Marcin Bobało Kwatery Dla Firm
Kopernika 21, 55-095 Długołęka